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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sawtooth Lake June 2007

This was my second solo trip.  I headed back into the Sawtooth's to the largest lake in that mountain range.  It was a beautiful hike up the mountain, I can remember sweating profusely due to both the heat of the day and the elevation gain.

I spent the first night at Alpine Lake, guessing that Sawtooth still remained about me.  Most of the good camping sites just off the trail on the west side were taken so I moved to a pretty, but not flat site on the east side.  I spent the majority of the day inside of tent to get away from the mosquitos and read from start to finish Cormac McCarthy's The Road.  It elicited many emotions while reading and made me yearn for home and my family.

Alpine Lake is not an alpine lake.  Sub-alpine fir surround it on three sides, framing the view of massive Alpine Peak on it's south.  The weather between Alpine and Sawtooth lake can be drastic.

Made my way to Sawtooth Lake on the second day for a day trip and met up with several more hikers, including a father and son group.  Made my way to the southern end of the lake and then ventured back. I have always wanted to revisit this lake and share it with someone.

Equipment updates:
This is the first trip were I tried out some new ultralight gear to include my Western Mountaineering Megalyte (30 oz.),  Circuit pack (33 oz.), Tarptent Double Rainbow (41 oz.), White Box alcohol stove (2.4 oz.), and Platypus bladders (3.8 oz.).  

Ironcreek Turn-off.

Powerwagon loaded with UL gear.

Hikers in previous photos helped me out with this photo.

Alpine Lake 7823, just below Sawtooth Lake.

Not a bad pitch for my first try.

Alpine Lake

Spilled my pot with first attempt with White Box.

Also found out how difficult Platy's were to fill.

Mt. Regan 10190 ft.

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