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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

First TRT Trip June 2009 Atlanta to Grandjean

This trip covered approx. 42 miles and climbed to an elevation of 9800 ft.

Lakes: Spangle and Ingeborg
Peaks: Elk Pk. 10582

Chuck Kainz' first backpacking trip.
Packing was a bit of a challenge for him.

Night one in Atlanta, ID.

Mike Arnold, Matt Thomas, myself,
Kyle Pearson, Chuck Kainz.  Doug Kern
took the photo.

One of a thousand stream crossings.

High ground.

June is always wet.

Soaking my sore foot in the icy cold water.

Helping Chuck lighten his load by eating
his canned food items.

I wish I would have thought about the
flag idea.  Brillant.

First trip with my DIY tarp.  I am very proud.

Matt borrowed my Double Rainbow.

Wood burning stoves were the rage on this trip.

My DIY wood burning stove made out of paint cans.

Yes another stream crossing.

May not look like it, but the water was fast.

Doug helping a brother across.

I'm really good at this backpacking thing.

Tried to fish this with no luck.

My official hiking pose.


Ansel Adams anybody?  Anybody?

Yep you guessed it, more stream crossings.

Really snow?

We walked in the creek, it was easier than post
hole digging in the snow.  And ya know, it wasn't any colder.

You can do anything with duct tape.

The lake we were hoping to fish.

Only patch of drive ground for hundreds of yards.

Three under this tarp, at this pitch was cozy.

Trying to stay warm and drying our shoes out.

Pre Militia Box, but yes always Crossfit.

I'm not saying we are lost, we just like to look around.

Another lake we were going to fish.

Lunch: pita pockets, cream cheese, and salami.

No fish were injured during the taking of this photo.

Looks just like Last of the Mohicans.

Cool find, no signage to let us know it was there.

Elk Lake.

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