In Hope I Byde

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Owyhee River Oregon January 27, 2011

This was my second trip to Oregon to fish on the Owyhee River.  Originally we were headed to the South Fork outside of Mtn. Home, but I had to be home early so in an effort to get in more fishing Brad and Jay opted for Oregon.

They picked me up and we headed to Caldwell's Mrs. V's for breakfast.  Despite all of our attempts to eat healthy, Mrs. V's menu could not be ignored.  Chicken fried steak anyone?

Off to Oregon, and after having purchased our licenses we passed by a house with a large rock on the front porch that said McCain.  I stopped and talked with the home owner, Darlene, who was quite elderly and advised that her husband Herb had been gone almost a year.  She explained to me quite erroneously that the name McCain was Irish, and how Herb had been very frugal and had left her enough money so she could stay in her home and out of assisted living.  Our conversation was cut short as the mail man drove up and she nearly sprinted out to meet him, inviting me to come back again, but ending our conversation because this was her "favorite" mailman.

Temps were cold, around 30 degrees, but it couldn't have been nicer.  No wind, no rain.  I had two good bites but I couldn't get them to come in.  Brad landed a beautiful trout that barely fit in his net.

The Master and the Pupil

Fly Fishing Fashion Fanatic

Notice the new fingerless gloves that Brad is wearing.
My Xmas present to him this year.

I need to lower my waders belt.

Notice I lowered the belt?

We had a hell of a time landing this fish.
Jay said it was very comical to watch.

Another great day on the water.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Yellowstone Bechler Ford September 2010

This was suppose to be our last trip into the Bechler area as it would have completed our tour of the waterfalls in that area.  But never say never.

Another free camp site at Cave Falls.  I love Wyoming.

We brought Dutches.

First trip with my DIY hammock.

Make shift underquilt (UQ) made of a small down
blanket that I had at home.  It worked in a pinch.

No Dug this year.  

Brad and Jay.  As you can see, Brad and Jay looks
 like new men.

Father and son from Michigan in the background.

Hammock in storm mode.

Notice the trekking pole combo.  We were trying to lift
the edges of the tent to get some more air and one
trekking pole wasn't tall enough.  So we used two.

No fish today but we had fun.

Got down to low 20's this night.

Bear spray?  Check.  Leatherman?  Check.

Forgot their names, talked several times to this couple.
Avid hikers, husband had tore his aorta artery and is still hiking.
Said that only 5% of people survive that.  My heros.

Scene of Brad flashing the female Park Ranger.

Colonnade Falls.

Iris Falls.

Lama Guides.

Back to Mr. Bubbles for a soak.

Dunanda Falls.

No not Scotland, Yellowstone.

Scottish thistle.

Brought this home and dried it.

Photos while we wait for hikers to exit hot springs.

Another night in my new hammock.  100 yards
away from out food.

Jay and his new Antigravity Gear cozy.  ACU pattern.