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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Idaho City Whispering Pine Yurt February 2010

This was my second trip to the Whispering Pine Yurt, you can see pics of the first trip by visiting Tim Randalls Adventures.

To access the Whispering Pine Yurt you need to park at the Gold Fork Parking Lot just off of Hwy. 21. Gold Fork Parking Lot: 5240 ft.      11T0611770 4871910

Whispering Pine Yurt: 5563 ft.     11T0611096 4872626

A mountain man will survive.  Matt Thomas.

Rachel Kern.

Snowshoeing can be dangerous.

Tim Randall.

Dug and Rach.

Roy and Sally Miller's Mountain Hardware tent.

Tim's dug out Kelty tent.

This was barely enough, for the four of us.  And yes the
Mac Nalgene was full of Evan.

Roy Miller.

Sally Miller on the right, her friend on the left.

Searching for more Scottish music.

Scott + yurt = Crossfit handstands.

Matt's Crossfit pose.  But don't box him in,
he is not a Crossfitter.

Sally's Crossfit pose.

Roy, great looking L pull-up.

Almost got it.

Tim's not to be outdone folding chair dip.

She failed miserably.

Look ma, one hand!

The Boster box jump.

Rach is acutally leg pressing the yurt.

Crossfit injury, or was it the booze.

I love these photos.

Next morning.

View from the deck.

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