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Friday, July 1, 2011

TRT Salmon River Trail June 27-31, 2011

Lunch in Challis.
Big Horn Sheep.

Lounging in my Hammock at dusk at the trailhead campsite.

Matt's set-up: Warbonnet Blackbird Hammock and
Arrowhead Equipment Sil Tarp.

Ground dwellers.

(L to R) Mike, Josh, Dustin, Matt, Myself
and Dug in the middle.

Camera shutter got stuck.

Headed to Horse Creek which was actually quite a bit
less than 5 miles.

Pit stop along the way in search of fish.

Dustin and I at the bridge crossing Horse Creek.

Horse Creek.

Horse Creek.

Josh caught and later ate this Bull Snake.

Dustin and his Bull trout.

Butterflies are disgusting creatures.  These are
Dug's socks and they could not leave them alone.

So Dustin was borrowing his father-in-law's fishing pole and
ended up losing the tip.  So being the mature responsible adults
that we are, we tied a rope to him and sent him after it.  It made be
see in the picture but the Salmon is running at about 33,000 cfs.

We took a day hike up Horse Creek in search of slower water
to fish in.

Horse packer that was bringing in supplies for the trail
crew that we encountered.

Trail crew having lunch.

Josh takes a dip.

We made are own "fire blanket" to protect the beach.

We saw tons of snakes on this trip, mostly Bull snakes and
one Rattle snake.  Sorry, no photos of the rattler.

looking down at camp from trail that heads down river.

Matt tried his hand at Cairn making.

Does it look like it could rain?

Matt's tarp in the wind.

Matt created this plate/grill in hopes that someone
would catch a fish we could eat.....No luck.

This and the proceeding photos are my attempt at an
adjustable pot stand to cook with.  Not bad for my
first attempt.

Salmon Fly.

Pot stand works like a champ.  Initially when set up we didn't
need the rock at the base because it was perfectly balanced.
When I moved it closer to the fire I had to add the rock.

WTF?  This photo was taken just minutes after we all headed
for shelter in a storm that didn't last long.  They said they
were hot.

Had lunch in Shoup on the way out and in search of
hot springs.

No hot springs found, decided to spend the last night at
Lola Creek Campground.  It was considerably colder
this night than all the ones before.

Dustin felt left out and decided to buy a hammock in
Stanley.  He used a make-shift army quilt underneath.
He slept cold.

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