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Monday, February 7, 2011

Idaho City Rocky Ridge Yurt February 2011

This was the Third Annual Team Three Winter Yurt Extravaganza.  It was nice to have three new comers on this trip, we were finally able to convince Clint to come out, Jeanine fought off a horrible flu to come, and my beautiful bride made her first ever over night trip with me without our trailer.

Whoopumup Pakring Lot: 5376 ft.     11T06010020 4868620
Rocky Ridge Yurt: 5338 ft.     11T0611080 4867550

Notice the date?  Happy Birthday to me!

Clint & Rach.

Thank Rachel for not only making two cheesecakes to
bring up for my birthday but also for lugging them in.

Mandy and I, wearing her Granite Gear pack for the second
time, this time on an actual trip.

And were off!

Urine arrow so we don't get lost.  Thanks Tim.

Photo by AdairPhotography.  Notice the
trade mark?

Tim's tent and Brad's pulk.  Not a sled, a pulk.

View from the outhouse.


Tim being envious of my hammock.

Dug being envious of my hammock.

Dug teaching Clint how to swing dance.

I learned a new card game, Phase 10?

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  1. Awesome pictures, Scott! Even though I hate cameras, it was so very special to have this album of our trip. Thanks again! Next year can't come soon enough!